Our Mission - Offset Druk

Our Mission

,,We like cooperating with demanding customers opend for changes, new trends – because it educates us.
We appreciate the visionaries for having the courage to go beyond the limits.”
Beata Dziura, CEO

Colour in the print is important

We know how much work is needed to prepare the project. We treat every single print individually by making proofs on our own. For us the most important is that the printout must show the reality in authentic colours and be exactly like it should be.

In Offset Druk we will materialize your vision

Supporting you on each level, with surgical precision we will choose the paper, advise type of refinement and realize your order on time.

We realize all projects

From the least complicated product prints to prints which require a precise reflection of the paints’, tiles’ and panels’ colors. Do not waste your project work on poor print! Get to know the colors which tell the truth!

Join us now!

We invite you to place orders for our products. We will create the best offer for you adjusted to your needs.

Our offer

What can we do for you?

Through the history and images, catalogs take people on a journey, arouse emotions and thus encourage them to build the relationships with the product.


Brochures should be the essence of information about the company and the product. Therefore, they usually have fewer number of pages in comparizon with catalogs.


Leaflets are like visiting cards, their purpose is to attract attention, interest and encourage for further information about the product.


Do you know that over 70% of purchasing decisions are made directly in front of a store shelf? Packaging is a silent seller, that’s why its perfect implementation is so important.



Properly selected effects can significantly emphasize the values ​​of the project.
They are eye-catching and make that the customer reaches for our catalog or packaging.


Contact us

Our employees remain at your disposal. We invite you to contact and cooperation.


Św. Maksymiliana Kolbego 16 Street, 36-060 Głogów Małopolski

Phone number

+48 17 772 57 77