Preparation for printing - Offset Druk

Preparation for printing

OFFSET DRUK – specification of files preparation for printing

  1. Prefferred file format is pdf – version pdf/X-1a.
  2. We can also print from other formats: TIF. JPG – but it is connected with the necessity of customer’s acceptance of the file in pdf, prepared by us from sent files.
  3. We can prepare pdf files from opened fils InDesign, Illustrator, PhotoShop, Corel (to X7version), however it is connected with (like for TIF and JPG files) the necessity of customer’s acceptance.
  4. Pdf file should include all pages in one file (without spreads). If it is glued or sewn-glued publication, the cover (internal and external pages) should be saved as spread with added spine.
  5. It is obligatory to use bleeds: 3-5 mm from each side. Project without bleeds will be rejected. File should have marked signs of finished format or should include trim box and crop box.
  6. For stamp – it is necessary to put punch, mark it by additional overprinted color and it is necessary to add folding mockup.
  7. All elements in the project should be in CMYK, the usage of maximum two additional colors is also possible for example: PANTONE. If the color mode RGB is used in some element, it will be automatically changed on CMYK, but it can differ significantly from planned version. To preserve the full control over the colors of the work, projects should be carefully checked in this metter before sending and in the case of finding that the elements RGB are present, convert them to CMYK.
  8. Project should not contain embedded color profiles. We print using a profile FOGRA 39 – coated papers and FOGRA 37 – uncoated papers.
  9. Images included in the graphic project should have resolution not smaller than 300 dpi on a scale 1:1.
  10. When you send the opened file, it must include all linked photos. It is also obligatory to attach all contained fonts, eventually change the text on curves. Vector texts and elements in black or grey color are needed to be prepared from only one color – black (for example: black: C-0%, M-0%, Y-0%, K-100%), it is not reccomended to use all component colors CMYK.
  11. Punches and varnish masks, hybrid varnish masks, embossing should be saved in a file as vector elements in additional color, overprinted. In a UV varnish mask , the black color corresponds to the shiny elements. In a hybrid varnish mask, the black color corresponds to the textured elements and the white color corresponds to the glossy elements.

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